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The Darling BUDS of Play therapy operates in Sussex, to support children’s and adolescents emotional well-being. Our ethos aims to secure a quality service by continually enhancing professional development, reflective practice and creativity. We value authenticity, empathy and unconditional positive regard as strengths to our success. Our professionals hold acute understanding of symptoms which surround conditions such as: Autism, ADHD, EBD, Profound, Multiple and Complex Learning Difficulties and children exposed to Trauma or Bereavement.

Our service strives to be a successful ambassador for Play Therapy UK where quality training, conduct and effective practice matters. Find out more.

Play Therapy
Play Therapy has been successfully used for the treatment of emotional, social, behavioural or academic difficulties for children from 5 to adolescents.
Play Therapy
How play therapy offered in schools, family centres or private practice can help your child express their feelings in a contained and supported way.
Filial Play Mentoring
Generally suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 12. With the therapist’s direct support and guidance, the parent can be the agent of change.
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We have found the work of Felicia to be of a very high standard. Our pupils who are supported have benefited enormously. The sessions give them space and time to be themselves.Head Teacher, Worthing Primary School.