Darling BUDS Of Play – Filial Play Mentoring

Filial Play recognises that parents are the most significant adults in children’s lives therefore are likely to have a significant impact on their children’s social, emotional and academic development. This evidence based approach is about parents learning more effective ways of interacting with their child to enable the relationship to become one of mutual trust, respect and shared joy.

The Therapist will

  • Use creative teaching for a dimentional aspect of understanding
  • Provide a safe space for exploration
  • Act as an advisor and role model
  • Support feelings of parental anxieties and re-frame any biological based problems
  • Improve parental achievement, child adjustment, parental stress, and family satisfaction

The Parent will

  • Learn how to use child-led approaches
  • Become more confident in focusing, reflection, active listening, creating and maintaining safe boundaries
  • Understand dynamics within their family
  • Reflect acceptance and unconditional positive regard to their children
  • Become more attune to their children’s emotional needs

The Child will

  • Have an enjoyable experience with their parent that is regular, consistent and that strengthens through time and approach
  • Hold onto the positive feelings the child shares with their parent, creating a profound result for acceptance and growth
  • Feel more confident to express thoughts and feelings to their parent and develop emotional literacy within their outer world
  • Gain a more developed sense of social judgement, problem-solving and coping abilities
  • Use their natural language of play, to secure healthy development

Sequence of Filial Play Mentoring

  • Initial meeting with the parent
  • Supervised play sessions
  • Structuring the play session to suit the home environment
  • Mentoring sessions for reflection and additional skills, support and guidance
  • Supervised play session
  • Phase-out
Time and effort are key within this process. A framework will be in place to support sessions within the home in hope they can continue even after input from the play therapist. Please contact us for more information or to make a telephone referral for any of our services offered.