A Gift for your Child – To Say You Love Them

Based on The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman The Five Languages are Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch With the First: Gifts, you may have to go to the shops! Not a great start but there are ways to give a gift that costs much more in sentimental value then in pounds. Something that when your child looks at it, they immediately remember you. Perhaps something that has a picture on it of a fun day out: a cup, a plate, a calendar or perhaps a gift that celebrate them: a frame with their important dates in, maybe their old clothes have been cut into a bunting or a book has been personalised for them. The message within the gift is that you love them. The second: Quality time. If your child (or a child that you know) has a birthday and there are limited funds to cover a large present, think of a smaller one and spending Quality Time with your child as well. This Quality Time may be a snuggle on the sofa, a little later then their usual time, to watch their favourite film with a few treats. If you say what you see during the film then this shows your child that you are watching it and really care. Another example of Quality Time maybe taking their bike out to the country / sea-side and focusing on their skills and stunts whilst being together. Words of Affirmation may be a little tricky to pass off as a gift but an example could be finding an opportunity to solely focus on your child’s activity. If they are painting a picture, you could mirror what they are doing and suggest that they are doing it well. This could sound like ‘you are painting using the red, you have filled up the page, you have painted this very carefully, would you mind telling me about it?’ To spend an activity focused on your child may leave them feeling very secure, relaxed and filled with love. Acts of Service has lots of potential to give a gift to your child. You could tell them that tonight, you are going to cook their favorite meal. You could ask them if they would like a wall in their room painted in their favourite colour or their room reorganised. You do things for your children everyday. The next time you do something, tell them its because you love them! Physical Touch is something that your child may want to pull away from as they hit school age, so cuddles may soon become a thing of the past. So have you ever thought about massage for your child? When you settle to watch something on tv together, your family can massage hands, feet, shoulders and even the head. It doesn’t have to be for long or with special oils, it just has to maintain physical contact with each other. Other opportunities to sneak in Physical Touch could be; when you do their hair perhaps take longer running your fingers through it, when you help them with their coat, perhaps rub their shoulders, when you help with their socks, perhaps warm their feet up by rubbing them between your hands. It is important to find out which ‘Language of Love’ means the most to your child. Which do they recognise as a way to fill their little love cup up – to feeling valued, secure and, well. loved!

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