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Hello, after a ‘mini’ adventure around the world I am very pleased to announce that I am back in Worthing and the surrounding area and available for Play Therapy practice. So my adventure took me across the globe and I saw some wonderful sights. I would like to take a moment to share my most memorable moment with you. In Cambodia I was very privileged to undertake some voluntary work in a local school. The children in the school were sponsored to attend class and they also were provided food and shelter for the week. The children were found on the streets collecting rubbish for money and as they were working from an early age, the family relied on their income for survival. Its amazing to think what it is like for children and families across the world. From this, I have learnt so much. Not until you walk with someone else, in their footsteps, can you begin to understand how things really are for them. I have so much time and energy for Play Therapy and the way it works with children as individuals. Everybody is so very different, yet we can find connections and learn to make sense of these different worlds.

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